Your pictures look really cool! How much lighting do you need to setup? Everything is contained inside the photobox. The photobox is designed around a lighting  setup popular in fashion photography.  The light gives off a unique look that will stand out from the crowd.

How long do you need to set up? The photobox can be setup in a matter of minutes but we like to show up and hour in advance just to make sure everything is ready to go. Setup time does not count against your rental time.

I don't get it. Where do the prints pop out? How are the photos displayed? Instead of individual prints, the photobox displays all of the pictures taken in a random slideshow on a glass screen. The slide show will continually update with new photos as they are taken and is guaranteed to draw a reaction from your guests. After the event your guests are able to download pictures or share directly from our site to their favorite social media feeds or purchase higher resolution images for a very small fee.

When are the photos ready? Photos are available on our site for download by 1030AM the following day!

Is there anyone on site in case we need them? One of Photobox's highly trained photographers will set up and make sure guests are getting great pictures. That really just means me the owner Scott. :)

Do I get a copy of all the images burned to a disc? With the majority of computer's lacking a DVD drive we provide our clients with a USB stick with all of the edited high resolution images.  Images are also made available to your guests on our website.

How can I get the most out of the photobox? Placing the photobox in a high traffic area at your event will provide the best results.  The more photos taken, the more fun it is.

Do you provide backdrops? We can provide a number of different backdrop options or you can choose to use a wall at your event.

Someday I might add more If I do I bet I'll add it here.  In the meantime thanks for reading all the way down here!

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